Journalist Toba Adedeji goes in search of a wife as his three pots of food got burnt in just 2 days

A Handsome Nigeria Journalist, Toba Adedeji goes in search of a wife as his three pots of food got burnt in just 2 days.

According to Toba Adedeji Post on his Facebook page, He made it's know that he is tired of getting all this bad results when he cooks with a pot, so he is looking for a wife material to take care of his cooking responsibility.

The well known Journalist made it's known on Facebook and ask Ladies who is interested in marriage to send an emoji as a reply on his comments section.

Toba Adedeji wrote on his Facebook post;

"I am tired of getting this kind of result when I cook. If you are available for marriage send emoji. Three pots got burnt in 2days.”

See the photo of his pot that got burnt below,

Lady reveals what she found in the bathroom of her new apartment in Abuja

A Nigerian Lady took to her page on Twitter to flaunt an interesting look of the bathroom of a new apartment she just rented in Abuja.
Sharing the photos on Twitter, she wrote;
"I just got my new apartment here in Abuja and entering into the toilet I found this. And I'm paying 150k a year for this!!  Will I be taking my bath with the fan on or off??."

I feel sorry for women who go into marriages because of money - Actress Ruth Kadiri

Actress Ruth Kadiri has given a good relationship advised to single ladies who choose money when choosing a spouse.

Ruth Kadiri said she feel sorry for women who go into marriages because of money.

The mother of one took to her official instagram page to share this relationship advised and her opinion on what makes marriage to work.

According to her Peace is the only factor that makes a good marriage work.

Ruth Kadiri said, a married woman who has peace in her beautiful home is better or richer than a woman who marries a billionaire without  peace.

She added: I feels sorry for ladies who go into marriage because of money because they will never be happy in that marriage.

Read her full post on Instagram,

“I’ve heard many say I want a rich husband. I want a God fearing man, I want this and I want that. Yet I’ve never seen one person ask for the only thing that can make their union work. PEACE. I feel sorry for sisters who go into marriages, unions. For money. Oh I feel sorry for you.

Some claim I have my money I just want a man who has more money. Others down right know in their hearts they do not have it enough to take care of themselves so they want someone who will meet the needs, they themselves cannot not meet. Not judging you. Pls my sisters add peace of mind to that list. I repeat peace of mind should come before money.

A married woman who has peace at home is richer than a woman who married a billionaire without peace. Also pls note that as a Single Girl you’re bound to have more value for money than you would when you’re married. So if you go into Marriage because your spouse is rich, regardless of what they spend of you, you are most likely not going to be happy”.

Actress Nuella Njubuigbo, in 'shock' after gifting herself a brand new Lexus SUV (video)

Actress Nuella Njubigbo surprises herself with a brand new car days after allegedly dumping her husband, Actor Tchidi Chikere. 

The SUV car was deliverd to her on Monday 31 and her friends and colleagues, Belinda Effah and Mimi Orjiekwe were present when the car was delivered to her and jubilation was over social media.

Watch the video below.

Actress Jemima Osunde shares message she got from an electrician who called her 'baby' after a job

Actress Jemima Osunde took to Micro blogging platform Twitter to share a screenshot of a message he got from an electrician who called her 'Baby' after a job.

Jemima Osunde ask on Twitter; What could be the cause my dear lord? Said Anyway, he can never come into my house again that’s the end.

Actress Jemima Osunde tweeted;

"Lmao! πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Electrician finished working. I gave my number & said to send me a message so I can save his own in case I need him to come do some work for me later. 
“This is my number baby” is what I got. 

What could be the cause my dear Lord? 😭."

He added: "Anyway, he can never come into my house again😭 that’s the end."

She further said, "Because I cannot finish treating my patient and say “see you at your next appointment baby” unless I’m in pediatrics or trying to lose my damn license."

See the post;