Man shows the "hook" he found in the Egusi and bitterleaf soup he was served in a restaurant

A young man has raise an alarm for people who eat in a restaurant after his encounter with a big 'hook' inside a soup he was been served at a restaurant.

The Facebook user shared on his page that he ordered a bowl of egusi and bitterleaf soup and as he was eating it, he found a hook with a sharp pointed edge inside the plate of the soup.

He said he approach someone in a restaurant and they apologize and siad it must have been inside a stock fish head they supplied to them.

The man shared a photo of the food and the hook to friends and ask them to be careful when eating at a restaurant.

Read his full post below from his Facebook profile.

Singer Praiz reveals what can truly make a man happy on his Twitter page

Singer Praiz on his Twitter handle believes a man reach true happiness in life only when he attain financial stability.

Praiz shared his own view on his tweets page, which read; "To be honest, it’s until a man is financially stable that he’s truly happy".

See his tweets.

Husband allegedly burns all his wife's credentials after a fight at home

A twitter user Gwarimpa Girl said the at her colleague got into a fight with her husband then he took all her credentials and set fire on it.

When ask by fellow Twitter user, which of the credentials, then she said all her  original documents from primary to NYSC.

As expected, many Twitter followers have join the conversation with their own view.

Jubilation across Nigeria as President Buhari returns after a 'short rest' in London (Photos)

President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Buhari has returned to Nigeria from London after taking a 'short rest'.

Buhari returns from London on Thursday April 15.

The announcement was made by Presidential aid, Bashir Ahmad who shared Photos of his arrival from the airport  tweeted;

"President Muhammadu Buhari has returned to Abuja this afternoon, after a private trip to London, the United Kingdom."

Actor, Alex Ekubo acquires a Toyota Landcruiser

Actor, Alex Ekubo acquires a new exotic car, Toyota Land cruiser just few days he turned 35 years old.

The news was shared by his fellow friend and actor, Ik Ogbonna on his Instagram page.

Ik Ogbonna wrote on his page;
"@alexxekubo Ikuku of the whole world, I know you would kill me for this, you don’t like to show off, but let me brag for you small. 
Congrats on your latest addition, your Garage don choke. 
I’m too proud of you bro. Pls congratulate him for me πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ".

Check out the video he shared;