"A man who is comfortable with a woman paying his bills is a vegetable" - Actress, Lilian Afegbai writes

Actress Lilian Afegbai took to her instagram stories to speak to men who put all they hope in women to help them meets their needs in life.

Liliana Afegbai pointed out that it's okay if the man is married and later fall on hard times in life and the wife render assistance.

She further said that any man who feels comfortable with any women who pays his bills and take care of his needs is a "vegetable".

She added: Even if the woman has more material possession the man should keep his pride by trying to assist with the little he has for the woman.

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I will be the best President Nigeria has ever had - Actor Yul Edochie Says

Actor Yul Edochie who has since shown interest in Nigeria politics declares that he will run for President in 2023 and he says on his Twitter page that he will be the best President in history Nigeria will ever had.

Yul Edochie wrote via his Official Twitter account, @YulEdochie;

''I will be the best President Nigeria has ever had. YUL EDOCHIE 2023. #givetheyouthsachance''.

Nigerian woman shares photos of herself before, during, and after marriage to show the effect being married had on her

A Nigerian woman known as Adenike Odubawo took to Micro blogging platform, Twitter to share rare photos of herself during many stages of her marriages to show the effects of being married in this life to so called husband.

In the photos Adenike Odubawo shared online, she look better off before marriage and after marriage but not while she was in it.
Her fans on Twitter says that being married suck life out of her and the woman admitted and wrote: "E suck am o. Na God save me."

Check out photos during many stages Adenike Odubawo shared on her Twitter handle, @adenikeodubawo;
                     Before marriage

                       After Marriage

                         Then I left