Federal Government declares Monday as Public holiday

The Federal Government has declared Monday, May 3, 2021 as public holiday to mark the year international workers day.

According to a statement release by Minister of interior, Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola on Thursday April 29, 2021.

Actress Uche Ogbodo breaks down in tears as she opens up on why she's dating and pregnant for a boy of age 25 (video)

Actress Uche Ogbodo is expecting a second child and she broke down in tears on live video as she explains to the world why she dated and got pregnant for a boy younger than him.

According to the recent live video, Uche Ogbodo narrates her previous experiences in dating a guy older than her but their left her heartbroken and lower her self-esteem even politicians, footballers she say men of higher class.

The actress made a flashback to her ex and child father who she say never made her happy at all.

She further said, I have been with all men of different class and domain but none gave her the happiest woman of her life not until a friend ask her to try dating younger boys to see how it may go.

Below is the live video from Instablog9ja;

“You forgot to add sugar” – Lady dragged after praising her ‘daddy’ over N170K gift to buy phone

A Nigerian Lady has face many criticism on social media after showering words of praise to her father who was misunderstood as her 'Sugar daddy'.

According to tweets from @fancy_temi who shared good news when her daddy gave her N170,000 when she asked for only N100,000 to add to get a new smart phone.

@fancy_temi tweets read;
"i told my dad i needed 70k to complete 170k to swap for a new one and my papa sent me 170k. I love how my dad is my peace of mind. I really hope my children have an amazing father as well. I pray for this more i swear cuz i get babied too much to not see my children get same".

Her tweets has grab attention from many people on Twitter that the money was not coming from her real daddy other than her sugar daddy.

See the reaction from people...

"Poverty does not mean one must be dirty" - Man says as he show off his highly decorated home

A Nigerian man known as Abiodun has taken to his page on micro blogging platform Twitter to advised people who always keep their home dirty as a result of poverty.

The tweets which grab many sensation on Twitter as people throw in to comments and share to other Twitter users even including popular blog, Instablog9ja.

Abiodun tweets reads;
"Poverty does not mean one must be dirty".

Check out the photos:

"Make sure you have your own life before becoming someone's wife"- Stephanie Coker advises women

TV Presenter, Stephanie Coker has taken to her page on Instagram to advised women to make sure their have own life before even considering getting married.

Stephanie Coker shared two photos on her page with a caption which reads.

"Make sure you have your own life before becoming someone’s wife", She wrote.

Actress Adunni Ade reveals she was blacklisted from the Nollywood English industry (video)

Actress Adunni Ade has taken to media to reveals the reason she was blacklisted from acting English movies.

Speaking in an interview with chude Jideonwu, the actress shared the period she battle depression and moving back to Nigeria to begin her acting career.

According to Adunni Ade;

"I feel, I might be wrong, that I was outcasted out of the English movie industry, I won't say 100 percent,". 

"But I have had jobs taken away from me, colleagues who have now become big names yank my name off or make lies to producers and EPs on reasons why they should not give me a job.

She added: "Deals, endorsements have been yanked off my feet because they don't know me or they don't like me or I am not their person because they would rather put someone that they are cool with who would give them a cut than me who truly deserves it."

The beautiful yoruba actress further disclosed on the interview how her right to acting was decline after AMVCA nomination.

Watch the video below;

“If relationship cost you money then there’s no love” – Reno Omokri

Human rights activist, Reno Omokri has taken to his page on Twitter to advise men on how to choose a partner and keep good and peaceful relationship.

Reno Omokri said: "Relationship don't cost men money when love is involved".

He further advice men who give out money and other materials things to their girlfriend all in the name of relationship instead of giving them only their heart.

Read his tweets;
"Dear men,

If a relationship costs you money, it is not love. Don’t fall for the ‘God so loved the world that He gave’ line. God did not give money, or material things. He gave His Son. If a woman says that to you, give her your heart, not money! 

#FreeLeahSharibu #RenosNuggets"

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“Your thing is too small, I can't cope” – Lady turns down man’s proposal in public (Video)

A viral video on the internet of a lady rejecting his boyfriend proposal in the market place only because of his manhood was too small as the lady says.

The man who prepared a surprise for his girlfriend in the public get a big sound of No from his girlfriend despite the fact the people in the market area plead with his girlfriend to accept the proposal.

According to the video below, The man could be seen kneeling down with a ring to insert into the finger of his girlfriend after which he got the unexpected. The lady who was bold enough said: "I Love you but I can't cope with your small manhood".

See the viral video below...

I married at age of 18 because I was ready and I was already a millionaire - Actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde (video)

Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde recently had an interview with BBC Yoruba said any lady who is not financially stable should not consider getting married at all because she is automatically preparing herself to be imprisoned in the union.

Speaking in a recents interview with BBC Yoruba, Omotola said, "One must apply wisdom or common sense in everything one does. People cannot say that because I married at 18, therefore they can also do it. The question is, ‘are you ready for marriage’? When I was at that age, I was ready. I had been working since I was 15-years-old and I had become a millionaire at the age of 18. That is a fact that a lot of people don’t know".

The actress said this when she was ask if she would allow any of her children ti marry at a very tender age of 18 as she did.

Responding, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde said

"I had my own money. I was not dependent on any man. Moreover, my father died early, so I was already responsible for my younger siblings. I was like their mother at that time, so I was very mature and financially prepared. One should not marry a man when one is not financially stable. 

If one does that, one would be going into slavery or better still, prison. If any of my children, after considering all these factors, say they are ready for marriage, we (parents) would meet the person and if we like them, we would give them our blessings".

Watch the interview video on BBC Yoruba below.

Bobrisky finally reveals why Tonto Dikeh unfollowed him, despite saying he won't; calls her action "dumb shit".

Cross dresser, Bobrisky finally reveals on Instagram why actress Tonto Dikeh unfollow her after she said she won't.

Bobrisky said in a post that it's because she sprayed money on Tonto Dikeh former friend Blessing osom better known as Lady Golfer.

Blessing osom disclose on her Instagram page shared a video of Bobrisky spraying money at her in a events around Lagos and express her excitement of meet Bobrisky and tag her as Nigeria richest successful runs girl in town.

Bobrisky  believe that the only reason why her bestie unfollow him on the gram.

The cross dresser also says she has block Tonto Dikeh on Instagram after she unfollow her on Instagram and says she won't reveals what happened to Nigeria bloggers who hunt for news about the cause of their crash.

Despites all Bobrisky said, she has taken to instagram a minutes later to say Lady Golfer you are the reason for this Unfollow now.

He added on her Instagram page;

"You for no post the video of me spraying you now. Friendship of 5 yrs gone just because I hanged out with somebody's ex friend. Dumb shit".

Read Bobrisky post below:

Actress Etinosa slams a follower who told her her baby daddy is responsible for her success

Actress Etinosa slams an Instagram troll who claimed that her baby daddy is responsible for her success in life.

Etinosa said on her Instagram page that the only man attributed to her success in life is only her father.

However, some followers still disagree with her and they say that her baby daddy also contribute to some part of her success.

A follower said since her daughter is part of her success then her child father can also be proud and boastful of her success.

Etinosa responding to the follower by blasting her with the words: "A baby has nothing to do with her success and a child is a human being not a commodity or achievement".

See the exchange below.

“When I was at the police station, the police officers took turns to beat me up” – Comedian, Macaroni

Nigeria comedian debo Adebayor aka Mr. Macaroni took to micro blogging platform, Twitter to narrate his experience after he was brutalized in Adeniji Police Station.

His tweets grab the attention of Twitter users who ask him to use his platform to promote good institution in Nigeria such as The Nigeria Police Force rather than instigate his followers against this institution so as to move the country to a greater heights.

The 28 years old Mr. Macaroni who was a victim of police brutality and one of the supporters of #EndSars movement in Nigeria issues his response to fellow Twitter users.

Mr. macaroni tweets reads; 
"When I was at Adeniji police station, the police officers took turns to beat me up. They were even calling themselves to come and beat ‘Mr Macaroni’ 
They said in my life when next I hear police, I will run! One said if not that people would ask about me, he would have killed me".

He added: "I should promote the same police institution that oppresses Nigerians? Majority of your officers are just there to steal, rob, harass, brutalize and oppress the people. We see it happen everyday. You swore an oath to protect. Yet you kill and destroy. Zero conscience!".

See his post;

"The best YES I ever said " Actress, Joke Silva appreciates her husband Olu Jacobs in heartfelt post

Actress Joke Silver has taken to her instagram handle to appreciate her husband, which is Nollywood Icon, Olu Jacobs.

Joke Silver shared Photos with her husband on Instagram as she celebrate husband appreciation day April 17.

In Joke Silver Caption on her Instagram page, she said: "Happy International Husband appreciation day Sir J....the best YES I ever said.@_olujacobs

See Joke Silver post;

Actor Junior Pope Odonwodo reveals what it's takes to be a real man

Actor Junior Pope Odonwodo took to his  instagram page to reveals what it's take to be a real man.

The father of three shared this caption as he pose with his wife, Jennifer Awele on Instagram.

Actor Junior Pope Odonwodo wrote: "A Man Who Doesn’t Spend Time With His Family Can Never Be A Real Man...

See his post below.

"I don't believe in girlfriend and boyfriend" - American actress, Keke Palmer says

Actress Keke Palmer has taken to her instagram page to call out men who try to hold a woman down all in the name of relationship.

The actress said she doesn't believe in so called boyfriend and girlfriend and consider herself singer and still waiting for the right man.

According to recent video Keke Palmer shared; She said Dude be like, I want you to be my girlfriend. But are you going to marry me later in the end? Because am not trying to be locked in to nothing unless you are going to lock me in your life because we can just be friends and have it rolling till when the time is right.

Keke Palmer wrote in her caption;
"I don’t believe in girlfriend and boyfriend. I’m single till I’m married.

Let’s just kick it love 🙄".

Watch the video here...

Love yourself the way you are - Singer Simi writes

Singer Simi has taken to her Instagram story to share a piece of advice centered on Loving yourself just the way you are.

Simi further said she is more concerned about young girls who work hard for a healthy self esteem because they will be trying up to live to a standard that doesn't exist anymore.

Read her post below...

Know when you should guard your mouth not to block your blessings - Singer, Naira Marley

Singer, Naira Marley has taken to his page on Twitter to advice his fellow marlians to know when to guard their mouth because our tongue has power and can define us.

The Singer wrote on his page;
"Your mouth can block ur blessings. Know when to shut it".

See his tweets:

Man shows the "hook" he found in the Egusi and bitterleaf soup he was served in a restaurant

A young man has raise an alarm for people who eat in a restaurant after his encounter with a big 'hook' inside a soup he was been served at a restaurant.

The Facebook user shared on his page that he ordered a bowl of egusi and bitterleaf soup and as he was eating it, he found a hook with a sharp pointed edge inside the plate of the soup.

He said he approach someone in a restaurant and they apologize and siad it must have been inside a stock fish head they supplied to them.

The man shared a photo of the food and the hook to friends and ask them to be careful when eating at a restaurant.

Read his full post below from his Facebook profile.

Singer Praiz reveals what can truly make a man happy on his Twitter page

Singer Praiz on his Twitter handle believes a man reach true happiness in life only when he attain financial stability.

Praiz shared his own view on his tweets page, which read; "To be honest, it’s until a man is financially stable that he’s truly happy".

See his tweets.

Husband allegedly burns all his wife's credentials after a fight at home

A twitter user Gwarimpa Girl said the at her colleague got into a fight with her husband then he took all her credentials and set fire on it.

When ask by fellow Twitter user, which of the credentials, then she said all her  original documents from primary to NYSC.

As expected, many Twitter followers have join the conversation with their own view.

Jubilation across Nigeria as President Buhari returns after a 'short rest' in London (Photos)

President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Buhari has returned to Nigeria from London after taking a 'short rest'.

Buhari returns from London on Thursday April 15.

The announcement was made by Presidential aid, Bashir Ahmad who shared Photos of his arrival from the airport  tweeted;

"President Muhammadu Buhari has returned to Abuja this afternoon, after a private trip to London, the United Kingdom."