Tuesday 14 May 2024

Google Integrates AI-Generated Answers into Search Results

The Search Giants Google has announced the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide generated answers directly within its search results. 

Police Intensify Efforts to Locate Pregnant Woman Featured in Concerning Video

The Nigeria Police Force are urgently seeking a pregnant woman depicted in a widely circulated online video, where she appears to be giving her unborn baby up for adoption under distressing circumstances. 

White Nigerian Shares Shocking Abuja Electricity Bill: N47.3 Million for April

A Nigerian citizen, known as "White Nigerian," recently shared a jaw-dropping electricity bill from Abuja, Nigeria, with the astounding amount of N47.3 million for just the month of April. 

Why I can never pay creatives in full and still tag them — Actress Lilian Afegbai

Nollywood actress Lilian Afegbai shared her stance on compensating creatives, stating, "Why I can never pay creatives in full and still tag them." 

Singer Portable Arrested in Lagos Over Alleged N14 Million Unpaid Debt

Nigerian singer Portable was arrested in Lagos earlier this week due to an alleged unpaid debt amounting to N14 million. 

Tragic Incident at Enugu Demolition Site Results in Three Fatalities

Three individuals lost their lives in Enugu when walls unexpectedly collapsed during a demolition project. 

The incident occurred early Monday morning, casting a somber shadow over the community.

Investors and tourists to now get visa to Nigeria within 48 hours - FG

The Nigerian government has announced a significant reform to expedite visa processes for investors and tourists, aiming to boost foreign investment and tourism.

Under the new policy, investors and tourists can obtain visas within 48 hours of application.

I Have Been Crying Like a Baby": A Father's Agony Over the Loss of His Son, a Nigerian Doctor, in the US

Uzochukwu Davis Igboanugo, a 32-year-old Nigerian physician, was slain in the US by an intoxicated driver.

A real man doesn’t allow his woman to have a male bestie — Media personality Nedu

Media personality Nedu recently sparked controversy by stating that "a real man doesn’t allow his woman to have a male bestie." 

Shocking Display of Road Rage: Lagos Road Safety Officer Clings to Bonnet in Moving Traffic

In a jaw-dropping incident captured on numerous mobile devices yesterday in Lagos, a road safety officer was seen perilously perched on the bonnet of a moving vehicle amidst bustling city traffic. This alarming event, which occurred during the busy hours on the Third Mainland Bridge, one of the longest bridges in Africa, has sparked widespread outrage and concern over road safety practices in Nigeria's bustling economic capital.