Kaisha and Lucy fight on BBNaija reunion show (video)

The BBNAija reunion show was a disaster last nigh as two housemates was engaged in a fight.

The drama began between two female housemates, after Kaisha narrated reportedly disrespected her mother as they partied together.

Kaisha said, her mother like Ka3na and wanted to take a photo with her. She reveal tgat her mother first sent lucy before sending her sister Zainab to ask Ka3na for a picture, but she ask her ask them to tell their mothers to come to her table, a response she found disrespectful.

However, Ka3na maintain that she thought they were talking about Kaisha manager. Lucy who backed Ka3na on the matter that she failed to deliver a message she was ask to.

The show continue and Kaisha made a statement for them to stop talking about her mother. Lucy fired back by asking if her mother was a fruit, insisting she was referring to her mom as a fruits, This really angered Kasha who then threw a pillow at Lucy face after which it lead to a fight.

Lucy was seen in the video below been escorted without her wig on her head after she was talking about Kaisha being violent and further told her she will beat her up after the show.

Watch the video below,

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President Buhari jets to London for medical check-up

President Buhari would leave Nigeria on Friday, June 25, 2021 to the United Kingdom for a schedule medical appointment.

According to a statement issued by Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina. 

The President is expected to be back in Nigeria in the second week of next month.

Read the statement below,

''President Muhammadu Buhari will proceed to London, the United Kingdom on Friday, June 25, 2021, for a scheduled medical follow-up.

He is due back in the country during the second week of July, 2021.'' 

'No be English I use buy my houses and numerous businesses' - BBNaija's Ka3na tells those mocking her accent

BBNAija Star Ka3na took to her Twitter handle to blasts those who talk trash about her on the Big Brother Naija reunion show.

According to Ka3na, A mother of one stated she never bought her houses and numerous business with English language.
She also told viewers on her to sit back and stay entertainment with the show.

Ka3na tweeted;

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