Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Media Personality, Shade Lapido caution people who patronize actress selling skin care products

Media Personality Shade Lapido caution people who buy skin care products from actress.

The actress shared it's on her insta-stories, where she said "if you have a heart problem, you wouldn't go to car mechanic -you would go to a cardiologist, right; So why in the world would you buy skincare products from actress.

Nigerian couple welcome twins after 21 years of marriage

A Nigerian man known as Justice Ondaipe is full of joy today after her wife who was barren for 21 years welcome a set of twins.

The news was shared on Facebook by his family members, Faith Elvis Ovie  on June  12 and she said, Justice Ondaipe wife welcome a boy and girl.

Faith Elvis ovie wrote while sharing the good news on Facebook;

"Congratulations uncle, God is indeed wonderful. After 21 years of marriage God have put a smile on ur face. God even doubled it. Twins, a boy and a girl." 

Check out the photos Elvis shared on Facebook;

"If you judge people by their outward appearance, you are not exposed" - Uriel Oputa

Business woman, Uriel Oputa on her Instagram page gave a warning to people and celebrities who talk trash about her mode of dressing.

Uriel Oputa said she is not her clothes and those who cover up are the most people who do the worse.

She wrote via her instagram page;

"Judge by deeds, not by what the eye feeds,".

Uriel Oputa added, Those who judge others based on what they wear are the most deadly.

Check out her post below,


It’s a shame if you ask your parents for money at the age of 30 and above - Actress Ani Amatosero

Actress Ani Amatosero on her Instagram page says it's a shame to ask your parents for money to meets your needs especially if you are above 30 years of age, she describe it's as a 'shame'.

The actress and producer wrote on her Instagram page;

"At 30 and above it’s a shame if you ask your parents for money. Look at covid, at 19 the mumu has travelled round the world 🏃🏿‍♀️"

See her post here...