Monday, 22 March 2021

"Those who flaunt lifestyles they cannot afford can now be investigated by any of the graft agencies" - Lauretta Onochie

Lauretta Onochie has disclose on her Official Twitter account that Federal Government has come up with a plan to audit the lifestyle of some Nigerians who flaunt their wealth on social media.

According to her tweets, The presidential aid to Buhari on social media made it known that lifestyle audit is now legal in Nigeria.

Read her tweets below

"Lifestyle Audit is now legal in Nigeria. Those who flaunt lifestyles they cannot afford, can now be investigated by any of the graft agencies to produce evidence of the sources of their wealth

 You can now be called upon to explain how you acquired certain properties.

Music Singer, Davido shares throwback photo of his mum and dad.

Music Singer Davido shares beautiful photo of his Mum and Dad that was taken in the 90s in Circa Atlanta region of America on his instastories.

Nigeria now have 86 new cases of Coronavirus on 21 March, 2021

The official Twitter account for Nigeria Center for Disease Control NCDC record 86 new coronavirus cases on 21 March, 2021.

The agency reports the 86 new cases in the following state

Akwa Ibom-3

Nigeria currently has a total of 161,737 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 147,899 patients have been discharged as 2,030 people have died after contracting the deadly virus.

Our discharges today includes 29 community recoveries in Lagos State managed in line with guidelines.

A breakdown of cases by state can be found here on NCDCgov Twitter account below.