Monday 13 May 2024

President Tinubu forbids buying cars that run on gasoline

Members of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) are not permitted to own cars that run on gasoline, according to President Bola Tinubu.

Additionally, the President has mandated that all government ministries, departments, and organizations purchase vehicles that run on compressed natural gas.

This was revealed in a statement on Monday night, May 13, 2024, by Chief Ajuri Ngelale, the President's Special Advisor on Media and Publicity. 

He claims that the direction is consistent with Tinubu's pledge to drive utility, provide energy security, and reduce exorbitant fuel expenses.

According to him, the President's order supports Nigeria's efforts to switch to cleaner energy since CNG-equipped cars are thought to emit fewer pollutants while also offering Nigerian energy users a more cost-effective option.

President Tinubu stated that there is no going back on the energy reforms his administration started when he spoke to members of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) at the State House on Monday.

If we keep dancing in the same place, this country will not advance. We have the determination to see the widespread adoption of CNG, and as public servants, we have a responsibility to lead by example towards the prosperous future we want for our citizens. Nigerians would follow our example when they realize we mean business, the President said.

The President further ordered that all letters submitted by FEC members requesting the purchase of conventional gasoline-dependent cars be rejected, assigning the impacted council members the duty of returning and assiduously pursuing value-driven acquisitions of CNG-compliant automobiles.

The statement also stated that the president is still dedicated to fully utilizing the country's gas resources, lowering the cost of transportation for the general public, and raising everyone's standard of living in Nigeria.

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