Thursday 16 May 2024

Money no de , money no dey but houses are springing up almost everywhere in Lagos - APC chieftain. Joe Igbokwe writes after visiting popular Lagos market

In a recent social media post, APC chieftain Joe Igbokwe commented on the paradox of economic growth in Lagos, Nigeria, amidst widespread complaints about a lack of money. 

According to Igbokwe, despite frequent claims of financial hardship, there is visible development and prosperity in key sectors.

"Money no dey, money no dey but houses are springing up almost everywhere in Lagos," he observed, highlighting the robust expansion in the real estate sector.

During his visit to a bustling Lagos market, Igbokwe noted significant growth in not only real estate but also the fashion and food industries. 

This boom suggests a thriving economic undercurrent that belies the everyday narrative of scarcity. 

New buildings and business ventures are materializing at an impressive rate, suggesting investment and consumer spending are indeed flourishing in parts of the city.

Igbokwe's observations raise important questions about the distribution of wealth and the nature of economic development in Lagos. 

While certain sectors and individuals clearly prosper, the broader accessibility of these economic benefits remains uncertain. 

The APC chieftain's remarks have sparked a dialogue about the real economic health of Lagos and its visible disparities.

Read igboke post on Facebook below

"Today I went to Broad Street Lagos Island to change My frames and  eye glasses  and noticed that many of companies and institutions occupying the tall buildings are no longer there.  Almost all the whole stretch of Broad has been taken over by traders. The tall buildings  are now wayhouses. The whole of Broad Street  is now a behive, traders have taken over every space, every Street,  every corner, people everywhere, goods everywhere, vehicles everywhere etc.

Lagos Island is monumental business hob. The volume of businesses going on there run into trillions of Naira. Lagos should be the fastest business hob in Africa. Some people will say there is no money in Nigeria ,  nothing  is working, we are hungry, we are dying but got to any market in Nigeria and see Nigerians.  Money no de , money no dey but houses are springing up almost everywhere in Lagos. The Real  Estate market is booming, the fashion industry is booming, food market is growing,  tech hob is growing etc".

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