Wednesday 15 May 2024

Footage shows Singer Portable jumping a gate to avoid being arrested and then being loaded into a car by the police

Nigerian music artist Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, was recently involved in a dramatic incident which saw him being bundled into a police vehicle after he attempted to evade arrest by jumping over a gate.

 The event, captured in a viral video, unfolded rapidly and has sparked widespread discussions on social media.

Portable, known for his hit song "Zazoo Zehh," found himself at the center of controversy when police arrived at his residence to arrest him on undisclosed charges. 

In an attempt to escape, the artist made a hasty decision to jump over his gate, an action that was recorded and promptly shared across various online platforms.

The video shows a visibly distressed Portable being apprehended and forcibly placed into the police vehicle as he resists and protests loudly. 

Bystanders and possibly fans can be heard in the background, reacting with a mixture of shock and concern.

This incident raises questions about the circumstances leading to Portable's attempted arrest and the manner in which it was executed. 

It also highlights the intense scrutiny public figures in Nigeria face, often with their most vulnerable moments caught on camera. 

As the situation develops, fans and critics alike are keenly awaiting further details and official statements regarding the charges against the artist and his subsequent legal proceedings.

Watch the viral video below on Lindaikejiblog...

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