Wednesday 15 May 2024

26-year-old South African lady beaten to death allegedly by her boyfriend a week after graduation

In a heartbreaking incident, a young South African woman was allegedly beaten to death by her boyfriend just a week after celebrating her graduation. 

The victim, identified as 26-year-old Thandiwe Mkhize, had recently obtained her degree in Business Administration from a prominent university in Johannesburg.

According to reports, Thandiwe was found deceased in the apartment she shared with her boyfriend in Johannesburg's bustling city center. 

Early investigations suggest that she suffered multiple injuries that were consistent with a violent beating. 

Her boyfriend, who has not been named pending formal charges, was arrested at the scene and is currently being held as the prime suspect in the case.

Thandiwe's death has sparked a renewed outcry over domestic violence in South Africa, a nation that has long grappled with high rates of gender-based violence. 

Her graduation should have marked the beginning of a promising future, a celebration of her hard work and aspirations. 

Instead, her family, friends, and community are mourning a life brutally and senselessly cut short.

The tragedy of Thandiwe's death highlights the broader issues of domestic violence that plague many communities across the globe. 

It raises critical questions about the effectiveness of current measures to protect women and the societal changes needed to prevent such heinous crimes. 

Activists are calling for stricter enforcement of existing laws and for new strategies to combat the deep-seated cultural norms that perpetuate violence against women.

As the legal proceedings against the accused unfold, there is a collective mourning for Thandiwe, whose potential will remain unfulfilled. 

Her community and fellow alumni are planning a vigil to honor her memory and raise awareness about domestic violence. 

The hope is that her death will not be in vain but will serve as a stark reminder of the urgent need for change.

On Tuesday, May 14, 2024, an NGO called Women For Change revealed this in a Facebook post. 


The allegation claims that on May 7, 2024, Xoliswa's decaying body was discovered in her Pretoria flat.

"Rest in Power, Queen 💔

Xoliswa Radebe, 26, was murdered in her apartment in Pretoria on 3 May 2024. 

She was allegedly beaten to death. It was revealed on CCTV footage that the last person seen with her was Xoliswa’s ex-boyfriend. 

On 7 May, Xoliswa’s decomposed body was found after her neighbours contacted her family, telling them that a horrific smell was coming out of her apartment. No one has been arrested yet. 

Xoliswa graduated a week before she was murdered at Tshwane University of Technology. We are heartbroken over the loss of such a beautiful soul. Fly high, Sister. #womenforchange #sayhername"

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