Wednesday 10 April 2024

Nollywood actor, Junior Pope Odonwodo, passes away after his boat capsized in a river while returning from a movie shoot

Nollywood actor, Junior Pope Odonwodo otherwise known as Jnr Pope was among four actors who lost their lives returning from an area for a film creation.

It was assembled that the awful occurrence occurred on Wednesday, April 10, along the Anam stream in Anambra State.

Recently, Jnr Pope shared a video of himself taken yesterday in a boat and imploring wildly to show up at his objective securely as he was crossing a stream without a day to day existence coat. It is accounted for that the accid£nt occurred returning from the area. Tragically, he and three others didn't survive the ordeal when their boat overturned and they drowned.

Their bodies have since been recovered completely. The actor was survive by his beautiful  wife and three children.

Watch the video he made on IG live before he passed away,

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