Friday 9 February 2024

Woman resorts to cutting her fish into tiny pieces as prices of food items continue to skyrocket

A Nigerian woman is trending on social media after slicing a Titus fish she bought for N1,500 into almost 20 pieces after complaining about the cost rise of price food commodity in the market.

In the video she was seen with a strategic approach to combat against the cost of rising food prices.

She explained that she sent her house help to purchase fish for her in the market and was dissatisfied with the small portion of Titus fish she bought for N1,500.

While expressing her distress at the increasing cost of the item, she blames her house help for allowing the fish seller to cut the pieces of the titus into big sizes.

The woman set aside a big size for her husband and the remaining one was been slice into small sizes to enable her serve people in her household.

According to the woman, she said in the video ....

“You allowed them cut Titus fish this big for you, in this Tinubu government,” she said as she began to cut them into very tiny pieces

Watch the video below …

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