Sunday 11 February 2024

AFCON 2023: “I’d need to save five months salary,” Law Professor laments his inability to afford a N2.1m flight ticket to Cote D’Voire

Law Professor, Joy Ezeilo of the University of Nigeria Nsukka who earn N420,000 laments of her inability to afford a N2.1m flight ticket to Cote D’Voire to watch super Eagles Play at AFCON 2023 Final match that will take place on Sunday, February 11.

The Dream Emeritus Faculty of Law, Professor express her shock on social media after her travel agent inform her of her flight fare.

Professor Joy Ezeilo wrotes on her social media page while expressing her shock after her travel agent inform her of the flight fare;

"I am dreaming of watching AFCON 2024 live, and I enquired about flights to Abidjan to watch our Super Eagles play in the finals. I believed that Ivory Coast being so close (an hour and 35 minutes) wouldn't cost me too much. However, my travel agent of over twenty years sent me a price quotation of N2,183,000.00 (two million, one hundred and eighty-three thousand Naira), which was a huge shock. I did the math and realized I would need to save my five months' salary as a Professor of Law on the last professional step to buy one return ticket to a West African country. This is a sad reflection of our current economic realities.

Please refrain from attempting to convert to US dollars- it's extremely depressing and demystifying of a full professor position. This will push the resolve of brilliant young ones we're training and mentoring to take over from us farther away from the classrooms to becoming political aspirants/election delegates. 
My alternative plan is to cut down on expenses. I have recharged my DSTV for N19,800, and I plan to buy twenty litres of fuel to generate power because we didn't have electricity during the Semifinals. The match is a must-watch for me as it will be a breath of fresh air and a chance for me to forget about Nigeria's many woes. 

I want to make a public notice for those asking for help that I have been posting that we haven't been paid. Kindly note that my salary, which I received yesterday, has been mortgaged in arrears. Please be patient, and let's hope we get the 8-month arrears from the ASUU strike or that NLC and FGN reach a new deal that will increase my wage. The struggle continues! 

Good luck to our Super Eagles! You're in my thoughts and prayers!"