Monday 12 February 2024

Actress Sarah Martins euphoric after a man sent her N1 million because she resembles his late wife

Actress Sarah Martins has claimed on social media that a man sent her N1 Million naira just because she looks like her late wife.

Sarah Martins stated on her Instagram page that the man send her a DM on her page and saying that he had already been going through her post for about a week plus now and immediately conclude to sent her N1Million.

Posting the credit alert on her Instagram page, Sarah Martins shares a post that reads; ‘’Him: I’ve been on your page since the past two weeks going through your beautiful pictures.


You look so much like my late wife.


Me: sorry sir


Him: kindly send me your account details I want to buy u lunch.


And that’s how I got alert of 1m for looking like his late wife''

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