Wednesday 3 January 2024

How a man ghosted me for refusing to return the N50k I borrowed from him — Lady

A lady on social media revealed how a man was after her for refusing to return the N50,000 she borrowed from him.

She said "I remember   how this guy was all over me ,he said he loves me and wants to marry me ,he practically wakes me up with call and prayers everyday,I went broke one day and I asked him to borrow me money that I will return it the following week , something led to something and I was unable to  fulfill my own part of the deal ,that is how this guy suddenly ghost me and stop talking to me  I even try to reach out to him to explain why I couldn't return his money back ,all effort was proved abortive , how on earth will you ghost someone you claim you love because of 50k 😂😂

I pray he sees this"

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