Tuesday 19 December 2023

“I’ve been making millions” – Lady who started business with just N20,000 capital dances as she acquires shop

A Nigerian Lady on TikTok name Ifemi brags about making millions as income from a business she started with just N20,000.

According to her, She said the business was started years ago from the little money she was able to save from her school fees her Dad normally send to her.

Sharing a video on her TikTok page with captions as she celebrate while dancing happily after opening her new shop years after surviving the storms of life and sponsoring herself all through college.

She wrotes; “A business I started with not up to N20k 5 years ago. The capital was from the money I gained from my dad on my school fees.

“The same business paid my bills from 300lvl till I finished. It wasn’t easy but as a strong woman I was prepared for the worst.

“After several shege from drivers while dropshipping from my vendor, I promise myself to get a walk in store.

“Made my first N1 million in 2020 so I decided to get myself an iPhone 11 to step up my business game. Got myself a store March 2021. Was meant to be a birthday gift to myself but couldn’t make it up before the day.

“Started two other businesses in 2019 and 2020 because I have enough capital then and making millions from my business.”

Watch the video below,    

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