Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Man in shock after a loan app declared him dead and published his obituary because he defaulted on payment

A Nigerian man named Chinedu Azuwuike has called out an online loan app after they put out an obituary declaring him dead.

Chinedu Azuwuike said the repayment was overdue for only 5 days and he come online and saw his pictures with an obituary of his name and face surface the internet.

The image seen announced that Chinedu Azuwuike died on January 4, 2022 and will be buried towards the end on January 2022.

Its was written that Chinedu has vowed never to pay them back for the sick stunt they pulled.

According to photo shared on a Facebook group created to fight the loan app, Chinedu wrote ;

"Please imagine what this stupid loan app did.

What a childish act and a very stupid thing.

How can a loan app do this to me ?

Just because of 5 days overdue days.

I swear with my life, if i pay them, let this obituary be real."


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