Tuesday, 13 April 2021

74 new cases of Coronavirus recorded in Nigeria Today

The Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) on Tuesday 13 April, 2021 now record 74 new viral cases of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

The recents tweets on fresh Coronavirus cases today gave the follow-up number of cases across Nigeria state in Nigeria as follows.

Akwa Ibom-8

The agency now have 163,911 confirmed cases of COVID-19 recorded in Nigeria and 154,225 patients have been discharged while 2,061 deaths cases has been recorded. 

Our discharges today includes 21 community recoveries in Akwa Ibom State managed in line with guidelines.

A breakdown of cases by state can be found below.

Nigeria Singer, Tems shares sexy new photos of herself in a pool on Instagram

Nigeria Singer and Songwriter Tems took to her page on Instagram to share these sexy bikini Photos of herself posing in a pool with her saultry swimwear.

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Beautiful lady who fries garri and farms for a living goes viral as she transforms into a beauty to "spend" her money

A  beautiful Nigerian Photo has gone viral after she shared what she does to earn a living for herself.

In a tweets she said tweeted about photos of herself making money and spending money.

According to recents Photos of herself flawless while packaging herself in a fashionable style as she spend her money.

Her tweets raise alarm as her tweets reach 33,600 likes and more than 4.4 users retweeted her post.

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If religion was something good the Western invaders wouldn't have brought it to us - Actor Ugezu

Actor Ugezu has taken to his Instagram profile to say "If religion was something good Westerner Invaders wouldn't have brought it to us".

Ugezu further said that these Western Invaders are still hiding somethings from now till date.

Taking to his page on Instagram, Ugezu wrote: