Check out new photos Chioma shared on Instagram

Chioma took to her Official account on Instagram to share these hot new photos of her self that got many celebrity commenting.

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Frank Edoho, replies fan who said he should replace Ebuka as host of #BBNAija

Tv host personality, Frank Edoho has reacted to calls on Micro blogging platform, Twitter that he should replace Ebuka-Obi Uchendu as the host for 2021 Big Brother Naija Show.

Frank Edoho is a successful host of Who want to be a millionaire for more than a decade now and fans feels he will do better than Ebuka-Obi Uchendu for the 2021 Big Brother Naija Host because Ebuka has done that for the past three seasons successfully.

Frank Edoho doesn't show interest for the host of Big Brother Naija Host as his response kept people amazed.

Read his tweets;

"What did Ebuka do to deserve all this? Why would you want to change someone that has done a show successfully for only 3 years and have him replaced with one who did WWTBAM for 13 years?
Leave Ebuka alone! Please."

See the tweets exchange below.

“You are stupid to treat your girlfriend like a queen” – Reno Omokri says

Reno Omokri took to Micro blogging platform Twitter to say "it's stupid for a man to treat his girlfriend like a queen".

According to the former Presidential aid, He says a man should only treat a woman he is married to as a queen and not a girlfriend.

He added, a woman can only be a Queen if she is married to a Kings.

Reno on his Twitter page advise men who promise to treat a woman they are not legally married to as queen are stupid and should refrain from such promises.

Reno tweets Reads;

“Dear men,

“You say you want to treat your girlfriend like the queen she is. Do you know how stupid you sound? A queen is a woman that is MARRIED to a king. Does that not tell you that it is only your wife you are meant to treat like a queen? #RenosNuggets #FreeLeahSharibu

— Reno Omokri (@renoomokri)

See photo of a slay queen that has set internet on fire

This young slay Queen on top of this bike man is making people talk on internet because of her kind of hairstyle. 

Dear Instabloggers, What do you think about her hairstyle ??